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Tewkesbury Medieval Festival

Tewkesbury Medieval Festival takes place on the second weekend in July every year, except during a pandemic (plague, COVID etc.). It was started in 1986 by a group of enthusiasts, the Companions of the Black Bear, who wanted to reenact the 1471 Battle of Tewkesbury and has grown from a simple reenactment to one of the largest medieval festivals in Europe since then.

The festival takes place over a weekend and usually has educational events for local schools on the Friday, a medieval market on the Saturday and Sunday, together with reenactments of the Battle of Tewkesbury on Saturday and Sunday.

There are also two encampments (one for each side in the battle) where reenactors show what life in the 15th century may have been like.

In recent years there has been a parade through the town on the Sunday morning with both Tewkesbury residents and reenactors taking part.

Details of the festival can be found t the Festival website.